Guinea pig rescue centre in Leamington to host open day this weekend

PuddleDucks was set up in 2017 with hundreds of surrendered pets passing through its doors each year since.

A Leamington guinea pig rescue centre is holding an open day to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its opening this weekend.

PuddleDucks was set up in 2017 by Gemma Jennings.

Over the last five years the sanctuary, at 13 Southway, has continued to grow with hundreds of surrendered pets passing through its doors each year.

Guinea pigs at PuddleDucks Guinea Pig Rescue in Leamington. Picture submitted.

Many find new owners, but many live out the remainder of their days in Gemma’s care.

Gemma said: “I hope that people can find time to come along to the open day. We’ve got lots of fun planned, and visitors will be able to meet and pet some of the guinea pigs and decide if they want to become ‘piggy’ owners.

"The aims of the day are to raise awareness of our work and of guinea pig care, find some of the residents new homes and to raise some funds towards their upkeep.

“I never turn away anyone who needs helps, I get guinea pigs coming to me from miles around.

The logo for PuddleDucks Guinea Pig rescue. Picture submitted.

"People know that if their local sanctuary is full, or has had to close its doors, I will always find a space.”

The open day event is being held on Saturday (August 13) between 10am and 4pm.

The event will welcome prospective pet owners, well-wishers and curious neighbours to meet PuddleDuck’s friendly rodent residents and to hopefully have some of them adopted.

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There are usually around 120 guinea pigs at PuddleDucks at any given time.

Gemma estimates that each year they get through over 100 bales of hay, over 1,500 kilos of nuggets, 100 sacks of sawdust and over 1,500 litres of litter.

Cleaning out all the enclosures generates enough waste to fill five green bins per week.

Fortunately, a small team of regular volunteers comes every week to help out with cleaning and feeding, otherwise it would be a full-time job for Gemma.

If you would like to find out more about adopting guinea pigs, or would like to make a donation to Puddleducks, go to its Facebook page at: