Kenilworth residents asked to share their memories of the lido to celebrate its 125th anniversary

The pool opened at Abbey Fields in June 1896 and people in the town are being asked to share memories and find any memorabilia over the years

Karen Pittaway's painting of the Kenilworth Lido.
Karen Pittaway's painting of the Kenilworth Lido.

Campaigners trying to save outdoor swimming in Kenilworth are appealing for the public to share their memories of the lido in Abbey Fields to celebrate the 125th anniversary of it being opened next month.

The lido opened in June 1896 and members of the Lido Campaign group are asking people in the town if they can contribute to the celebration.

Clive Peacock, of the group, said: "So much has happened over those 125 years, many happy memories stored, changes to the LIDO configuration when the indoor pool was opened in October 1986, and, for the last four years a struggle to prevent the LIDO's permanent closure.

"Over these 125 years the LIDO has been one of Kenilworth's prized assets, an attraction for many from further afield, a fond venue remembered by many young people as the place to meet and socialise, have fun and enjoy the outdoors.


"Clearly, the venue deserves a celebration.

"The Lido campaign team invites all residents, present and past to look out their memorabilia, whether this be photographs, images, gala medals, early arm bands, or certificates from competitions.

"Hopefully, we can make this a happy occasion, with perhaps a touch of humour.

"Who still has a very early bathing costume? Who will be prepared to loan the water wings they remember using as a child?


"Please do send your written memories and images to [email protected] or hand your trophies in at the shop in Talisman Square.

"They will looked after and placed in the exhibition in the Poundland shop in Warwick Road in association with the Kenilworth Arts Festival.

"Please think back to those happy days when the LIDO was such a focal point in the lives of so many."