Leamington medical centre opens new NHS menopause service for its patients

The Croft Medical Centre in Calder Walk held its first free group consultation for 15 women this month

A Leamington medical centre has opened a new free NHS menopause consultation service for its patients.

The Croft Medical Centre, in Calder Walk, held its first free group consultation for 15 women this month.

And it will now hold monthly sessions of this type.

Doctor Suki Dhesi and Doctor Hannah Packman will be running the monthly menopause group consultation sessions at The Croft Medical Centre in Leamington.
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Doctor Hannah Packman who is running the sessions with her colleague Doctor Suki Dhesi, said: “The women involved were so excited to be the first in Leamington to have free access to this service.“Menopause is a hugely relevant and en vogue topic currently with Davina McCall publicising it.“We felt it was wrong that women were paying extortionate fees to private providers for a service that we could offer.

"So we will now be running a monthly cafe style consultation service.”

For more information about the service call 01926 421153.