Susan is first Leamington mayor to use electric transport for civic duties

Leamington Mayor Cllr Susan Rasmussen has been loaned an electric bicycle to carry out her civic duties.

Government data detailing the change in transport use during the lockdown period has shown cycling levels rose by up to 300 per cent on some days.

Cllr Rasmussen has been loaned the latest VanMoof electric bike for her mayoral year from Electric Zoo, which provides all-in-one solutions for electric vehicles.

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Cllr Rasmussen said: “One form of transport which has seen a significant increase during Covid is cycling – it is great to see people switching to a clean, green mode of transport with significant health benefits.

Leamington Mayor Cllr Susan Rasmussen receives her electric bike from Lash Saranna, chief executive officer of Electric Zoo.

“Leamington people told us during the consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan that they wanted to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over cars, so when I was offered a VanMoof electric bike for my year as Mayor by Electric Zoo I jumped at the chance: they are among the most elegant and sophisticated of the current crop of electric bikes.

"I want to take every opportunity I can to show that cycling can be the easiest and most enjoyable way to get around.

“I used my bike to get to local events during my time as Deputy Mayor, but now as mayor I can show that electric bikes open up cycling to even more people than before.

"Here in Leamington I want us to be at the forefront of the many positive changes that are coming our way.”

Leamington Mayor Cllr Susan Rasmussen with her electric bicycle outside Leamington Town Hall.

Lash Saranna, chief executive ifficer of Electric Zoo, added: “We are delighted to loan the Mayor one of our state of the art electric bikes.

"We have chosen the VanMoof S3, especially for the Mayor, as it has a lower crossbar making it easier to get on and off the bike at events.

“The latest VanMoof electric S3 Bikes are a technological leap forward; lighter, faster, safer, longer battery life and packed with features.

"It even has a boost button to give you that extra shift when passing that looming truck plus futuristic anti-theft technology to boot.

“Since the easing of the first lockdown we have experienced a surge in uptake of electric bikes as they cost less per week than a cup of coffee.”

Lash also talked about the role that electric bikes can play.

He pointed out how electric bikes can be easier for someone who is not a frequent rider and allow people to cover longer distances without having to arrive at their destination red-faced, in need of a shower and a change of clothes.