Warning signs installed for Kenilworth’s ford

The ford in Castle RoadThe ford in Castle Road
The ford in Castle Road
A new set of four signs warning drivers when the ford in Castle Road is flooded have been activated after a slightly delayed installation period.

The four signs on Warwick Road, Castle Road by Forrest Road, on the Castle Hill and Castle Road junction, and on Beehive Hill light up when the road floods thanks to a sensor installed at the ford, although the signs do not discriminate between high and low levels of water.

The Warwick Road and Beehive Hill signs use diversion markings informing drivers to take alternative routes, while the signs closer to the ford on Castle Road show that the road may be impassable.

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The installation of the system, which cost £52,000, was due to be completed in November but engineers were unable to access the power supply in time, meaning the activation of the signs took longer than expected.