Ghosts of Leamington’s past come to life

Ghost walk, organised by the Jephson Players and Action 21, Leamington, October 27. On again on Wednesday (October 31) at 7.30pm. To book a free place, call 258782.

Amateur dramatics group the Jephson Players act with just the right level of seriousness - with a scattering of comedy thrown in - and they are forthright, confident and suitably dramatic in their movements and tones of voice.

As daylight moved to darkness and the chilly air took its grip, a good number of people gathered around the space outside All Saints’ church to listen to the beginning of what turned out be, essentially, a spooked-up summary of the history of Leamington - brought to life by the ghostly characters of the town’s past.

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The hour-long walk, which takes us along Leam Terrace and across Mill Bridge and into Jephson Gardens, with plenty of lively storytelling stops along the way, is animated by elephants, Dr Jephson, Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens among others, and we are led along by our suitably sultry guide who, dressed in red and black, appropriately doubles up as the Devil later on.

Fake blood and a headless Charles I there may be, but I am pleased to say that this is not a cringeworthy nor silly affair, so many of which exist these days. Historical fact and costumes and the talented acting of the Players meant that there is something for adults and children alike. And they did not charge us a penny.

Sundari Cleal