Re-live the classic Christmas tale at Leamington cinema

CHARLES Dickens’ classic winter tale, A Christmas Carol, is taking over the big screen at the Spa Centre studio this week.

Alistair Sim stars as miserly Ebenezer Scrooge in the faithful and acclaimed 1951 retelling of the well-known story, in which Scrooge learns the error of his ways through the intervention of the ghost of a former business partner.

Scrooge is a wealthy man but has no time for charity and he treats his faithful employee Bob Cratchit like a servant.

On Christmas Eve, the miser is visited by the ghost of his equally avaricious former partner Jacob Marley, now condemned to wander the earth in chains. Marley introduces three spirits to show Scrooge the effects of his greed on others at Christmas times past, present and future.

In the morning he is a changed man, full of the spirit of seasonal goodwill and generosity.

The film (cert PG) is showing in both evening and matinee screenings at the cinema in Newbold Terrace until Christmas Eve (Saturday December 24). Tickets cost from £3.50. Call 334418 or go online.