US is tuning into Leamington band Valhalla’s appeal

AMERICAN radio stations are starting to take notice of a Leamington band who are playing as a support act for a gig at the Assembly next month.

Valhalla Smith’s single All the Pieces is currently being played on rock stations across the Atlantic.

The experienced four-piece, who formed in 2009 having each been involved with various other musical projects, filmed the video for the single at the Assembly.

They will support Thin Lizzy tribute band Limehouse Lizzy at the venue next month.

Matt Thompsett, the band’s drummer, said: “We recorded most of the video in the green room and back stage, but we did the last part out on the main stage with a full lighting rig and it was really fun.

“Playing on that stage will definitely be one of the biggest gigs we have done and we can’t wait to just get up and play.

“There will be a lot of people who haven’t heard of us there and if we can reach out to those guys and show them who we are and appeal to them, then you never know what could be around the corner.

“Maybe we will be headlining a venue like the Assembly one day.”

All the Pieces is one of five tracks from the band’s new EP, titled All the Pieces of the Desert.

The release of the record will coincide with the support gig.

Valhalla have devoted much of their time to putting together the record, casting aside the thought of performing live until now.

Matt said: “Hopefully at least one of the tracks will appeal to somebody and they will feed off it.

“Just in the last week or so we’ve been contacted by rock stations in America who are interested in the single and have seen the video.

“It’s a quirky and powerful track.

“Once the Assembly gig has come and gone we can start turning the EP into an album.”

The gig takes place on Friday, July 6 and the doors open at 6pm. Tickets cost £16.

Call 311311 or visit