Comparisons don’t bear scrutiny

So Graham K Beattie (comme dans department store?) applauds the attractions of the American shopping malls, those in Dubai and Westfield, London. What planet is he on?

Leaving aside the fact that Wadi Rum, which he also commends as a tourist destination, has no shopping centre he is not comparing like with like. Royal Leamington Spa is not a city, we do not have a cathedral, we are a town. We have open spaces and small, independent shops which set us apart which, in my experience, are very much appreciated by out-of-towners. Long may it continue.

Separately, why are Warwick councillors incensed by the title Leamington Shopping Park when they are happy to acknowledge Warwick University, nowhere near Warwick but much more of a catch? - Anne Piper, via email.