Is commissioner out of his depth?

In his own words and in one of two car crash interviews on BBC’s Newsnight, our Police and Crime Commissioner, Ron Ball, said he had been too busy doing media interviews to speak to the Chief Constable to find out what was going on about an inquiry of national significance.

This leads one to question as to why the day before his first BBC Newsnight appearance, Mr Ball saw fit to comment on the matter by strongly criticising a senior person of the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Did he know what he was talking about or was it at that point a media opportunity he could not resist?

No wonder he’s been on Newsnight twice in a week, they can see a gift and I look forward to further appearances. All of this would be laughable if it were not about such a serious issue of police integrity and a person in a role (PCC) supposed to bring accountability.

After seeing his performance on TV, it was indeed a media opportunity, one that showed he was elected without any test of competence and unfortunately that he is out of his depth.

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