Here's how Mark Cavendish and the Isle of Man Cyling Team gave a family-run cafe in Whitnash a boost during the Commonwealth Games

The elite male and female cyclists, who took part in the Road Races in Warwick on Sunday, stopped for a hot drink and a cake at Blenz Café in Whitnash during a training ride last week

World class cyclists from the Isle of Man team including Mark Cavendish MBE gave a new family-run cafe a boost when they stopped there for a hot drink and a cake during a training ride.

The male and female cyclists visited Blenz Café in Whitnash last Friday before they took part in the road race events in Warwick as part of the Bimingham 2022 Commonwealth Games on Sunday.

Charlotte Price, who owns and runs the café at the Whitnash Civic Centre and Library in Acre Close with her partner Jenna Blake, said: “It seemed as if there were about a million bicycles parked up here and when they came in they asked if we were OK to serve so many of them.

"Before long we realised Mark Cavendish was among them.

"They were more than happy to have some photos taken with us and very friendly.

"One of them said he loved his hot chocolate and they all seemed to enjoy the break.

"We’ve only been open for eight months so for them to come and visit us as a independent family-run business was so nice.

"Every little helps and it really meant a lot to us.”

Charlotte is the granddaughter of the late Whitnash councillor Tony Heath, who had the main hall at the civic centre named after him.

Charlotte’s mother and Tony’s daughter Jacqui Ayling also works at the café.

Charlotte said: “It’s nice that we have three generations of the family being part of this centre.”

The Isle of Man cycling team including Mark Cavendish with Charlotte Price, her partner Jenna and Charolotte's mother Jacqui Ayling at Blenz Café in Whitnash. Picture submitted.

The women’s and men’s cycling road race events in Warwick were won by Australian Georgia Baker and New Zelander Aaron Gate respectively.

Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council, which hosted the races, have hailed the success of the event, which brought thousands of people to Warwick on Sunday (August 7).

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Charlotte said: “It was really nice to have the games events being hosted nearby – there was a real buzz around the area.”

The Isle of Man cycling team including Mark Cavendish at Blenz Café in Whitnash. Picture submitted.

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