How to upgrade your dragon: 'Volume 2' of the Dragon Slayer show at Warwick Castle is a big improvement on its predecessor

We went along to the event – here are our thoughts on the historic venue’s revamped spectacular nighttime show

Back in 2018, before Covid, Warwick Castle launched a new nighttime attraction Dragon Slayer.

As promised, the show was fun and spectacular but not logistically audience-friendly.

It started with the hundreds of people attending cramming into the jousting arena, with limited visibility for small children for the first part of the show - the tournament and the beginning of the brave and chivalrous fictional hero Guy of Warwick's heroic journey - and later being hurriedly shepherded into the castle's courtyard to sit on the grass for the fireworks and laser/light show finale.

Dragon Slayer at Warwick Castle - picture submitted.

This weekend, Warwick Castle put on its first performance of the new and much-improved Dragon Slayer event - dubbed ‘Volume 2’ by the castle's press team.

Not only has the show itself been upgraded but the venue has improved the viewing experience by creating a seating arena in the court yard which allows for a bigger audience and for everyone, both young and older, to bring everyone closer to the action.

The new show, set thousands of years ago and featuring acting and stunts by the ever-impressive Knights of Middle England and their fantastic horses, follows a similar storyline as its predecessor but is bigger, better and bolder than before.

Dragon Slayer at Warwick Castle - picture submitted.

Guy's adventure starts at a jousting tournament and takes him around the world where he carries out noble deeds and defeats various enemies including an evil Belgian lord and towering giant before he returns to Warwick to take on the menacing and ferocious Dun Cow - all in aid of proving his valour to the woman he loves - Lady Felice.

And just as Guy thinks the threat to Warwick is over and he and Felice can live happily ever after things take an even greater turn for the worst as news is brought to him of a dragon attacking the castle.

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The evening concludes with a spectacular laser and fireworks show featuring Guy's epic battle with the dragon and the bitter sweet end of his story.

Tickets for the show cost between £19 and £36 per person (depending on seating position).

Shows run on every evening from now and up to and including Sunday August 21.