Kenilworth residents and businesses step up to support community centre - and now there's a new fundraiser

The community has been rallying behind the centre.
The Kenilworth Centre. Photo suppliedThe Kenilworth Centre. Photo supplied
The Kenilworth Centre. Photo supplied

Residents and businesses in Kenilworth have been stepping up to support a community centre in the town - and now there's a new fundraiser for the centre.

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In November 2023 the Kenilworth Centre (tKC) in Abbey End announced it was facing financial issues.

Since then the team at the centre say they have seen overwhelming support from the community, town council, local businesses and charities and that the work put in by the trustees and the management team, has meant they can start to look to the future sustainability of the centre.

The fundraising activities included community support. tKC benefited from an art fundraiser by Paul Miller who painted a series of Kenilworth themed paintings based on photographs submitted by residents and photographers.

The paintings and prints were then sold and more than £2,000 was raised for tKC.

Mandy Brougham, chair of trustees of the Kenilworth Centre charity, said: “We are extremely grateful to Paul and all who supported this for the phenomenal effort.”

Also, a wine and wreath making workshop was organised by a group of mums raising more than £500, which the centre team said will be used to support the Rain and Shine playgroup in the spring and summer.

Business support was also secured for the centre.

Perforated and Stamped Products Ltd – owned and run by former youth club member Joe Baker – came forward and agreed to support tKC with a monthly donation, as well as other support to help develop out youth club offerings.

Other businesses who have come forward to support tKC and Radio Abbey, include Mid8 Music, Regency Fireplaces, Nailcote Hall, Kenilworth Books and The Treehouse Bookshop.

Many added: “We are extremely grateful to all these businesses for their continued support. If you are business and would like to support tKC please find more information at:

In addition to these pledges of support tKC’s chair, trustees and management consulted with Kenilworth Town Council (KTC) to secure support with core funding for the running of the centre.

Mandy said she would like to extend sincere thanks on behalf of all the Trustees who and staff who work tirelessly to run this important resource within the town to all those individuals, businesses and groups who have shown their support over this period of financial challenge.

She said: "We are greatly reassured by the way in which community members have expressed how much they value the services and opportunities co-ordinated by both the staff and the facilities within our community centre.

“While we still have a way to go to secure a financially stable community centre and valued local charity, to have gained this much support in a relatively short space of time is hugely encouraging and shows what we can achieve in Kenilworth if we work together and support the community.”

tKC have also just launched a 200 for £100 friend of tKC fundraiser, where local individuals can further support the community centre with an annual donation.