Princess Anne visits Warwick to hear how people have worked together during Covid-19

She also celebrated the work of local charities and organisations and to mark an important milestone in education

The Princess talks with James Barker, Head Master of Warwick School

HRH The Princess Royal visited Warwick to hear how people have worked together during Covid-19, celebrate the work of local charities and organisations, and to mark an important milestone in education.  

Her Royal Highness spent the morning at Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, who hosted the visit. The Princess Royal was welcomed enthusiastically by children from local primary schools, as ten Brethren from the Lord Leycester Hospital formed a Guard of Honour.

Click on this link to view all the photos from her visit:Photos of Princess Anne's visit to WarwickPrincess Anne was greeted by the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, Tim Cox; Deputy Lieutenant, Clare Sawdon; High Sheriff, Cllr Min Willoughby de Broke; Cllr Peter Gilbert, Chairman of Warwick County Council; Warwick District Council Chairman, Cllr Neale Murphy; Mayor of Warwick, Cllr Richard Edgington; and Richard Nicholson, Principal of Warwick Independent Schools Foundation.  

The Princess Royal and Richard Nicholson, Principal of Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

A host of local charities and organisations gathered at Warwick Hall. Richard Nicholson introduced the new project, Warwick - A Singing Town, which aims to bring singing permanently into the lives of young people in Warwick and promote the health and social benefits of singing.

Jeremy Dibb, who leads the programme, explained how singing techniques are being used to support patients suffering with long-term breathing issues from long Covid. He was supported by the Classic FM presenter Catherine Bott, a Patron of Warwick – A Singing Town and a former pupil of King’s High. Pupils from St Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School, one of ten Warwick schools involved in the scheme, performed for the Princess.  

The Princess Royal also heard how Helping Hands responded during Covid, producing more than 1,000 meals per day for vulnerable people at the height of the pandemic.

Local school pupils, who volunteer with Kissing It Better, highlighted how the charity works to reduce isolation by connecting young and old people. The Princess met representatives from Young People First and Warwickshire Colleges Group, and enjoyed a performance by the AC Academy Scholars from Armonico Consort.  

The Princess Royal and Richard Nicholson, Principal of Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

Pupils from the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation’s Combined Cadet Force formed a Guard of Honour as Governors, staff, and pupils from Warwick School, Warwick Junior School, King’s High and Warwick Preparatory School lined up to welcome the Princess, who had come to mark the completion of Project One Campus. This project has brought pupils from the whole Foundation of schools together on one site.

The Princess Royal toured the new King’s High building and met head master Dr Stephen Burley before pupils, Jemima Jackson, Laura Willey, Emily Wilson, Lucy Wallace, Gemma Guest, Lucy Stubbings, Ruby Kitchingman, Ailie Macdonald and Catherine Reynolds showed the Princess the new facilities for design and technology, art, food technology, and sport. Drama students Evanthe Gee, Thalia Shadbolt and Alex Flood demonstrated how the drama studios’ design makes it accessible for all pupils to operate the machinery.  

King’s High’s Head Girl team Pirasha Ramesh, Jemma Zimmermann, and Jenny Nwosu, introduced the Princess to fellow pupils, and showed her the floor-to-ceiling ‘Changemaker Gallery’ of portraits pupils created, to celebrate inspirational women. The Princess met pupils from Warwick School, including Head Boy, Ed Jobburn, Rafferty Barnes, Oscar Lawson, and Ben Barnes from the school’s award-winning Green Team, together with the youngest Foundation pupils from Warwick Prep Nursery.  

The Princess Royal unveiled a plaque outside the new Sixth Form Centre, which is shared by Warwick School and King’s High for study and social activities. 

Commenting on the Princess’ visit to Warwick as a whole, Richard Nicholson said: "Ma’am, it is singularly appropriate that your visit has concluded here, alongside our shared Sixth Form building.

"This is the physical space at the heart of ‘Project One Campus’ which gives the fullest expression to the ‘Best of Both Worlds’.

"However, bricks and mortar, however impressive, merely facilitate opportunity; they provide the canvas on which to paint. It is people - it is each of us - through our deeds and words who make our ethos and philosophy live, and our relationships flourish."