Rugby postal workers strike as cost of living chaos continues

‘Two per cent rise is not acceptable’
Royal Mail workers on strike in Rugby. Picture: Patrick Joyce.Royal Mail workers on strike in Rugby. Picture: Patrick Joyce.
Royal Mail workers on strike in Rugby. Picture: Patrick Joyce.

Royal Mail postal workers staged their first strike on Friday with four walkouts planned in total.

Staff stood on the picket line at the Royal Mail Delivery Office in Mill Road as they joined a national strike.

They joined thousands of other workers throughout the country who are making a stand about pay.

Walkouts are also planned for today (Wednesday), and September 8 and 9.

Royal Mail has warned that letters will not be delivered on strike days, and some parcels will be delayed.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents the strikers, says Royal Mail has ‘imposed a two per cent rise on workers without the agreement of the union’.

Dave Patton, spokesman for the Rugby branch of the CWU said: “There is no doubt about the level of support among our members. Throughout the country, 98 percent voted in favour of taking the argument to Royal Mail and, despite the spin that Royal Mail has put on their two per cent pay offer, many of our customers are rooting for us.

“Our customers are aware that the cost of living is continuing to rise, and inflation will soar into double figures. What Royal Mail can’t ignore is that a two per cent increase is not only insulting, but it will also amount to a pay cut.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We’re really sorry for the disruption that this strike action is likely to cause.

"We want to reassure we will do everything we can to minimise disruption and get our services back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Members of the Union have voted that they'll take action and go on strike again if Royal Mail do not improve their conditions.